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Kara Ring Set

Kara Ring Set

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2 wavy Eternity rings: one with blue zircons and the other with green zircons.

Material: sterling silver
Finish: 18k gold plating
Material: sterling silver
Finish: 18k gold plating
Mother of pearl
Blue crystals
Lime green zircon
Stone diameter: 2 mm
Ring thickness: 2.5 mm
Weight: 4.12g

“The designs follow a wave pattern that evokes the magical dance of water in an ocean that is never still. Crafted in 18k gold sterling silver, the pieces feature stones set in a unique 8-prong setting.
pins, hoops, necklaces and rings with hand-set turquoise blue crystals in a mother of pearl base, as well as green and white zirconia. A palette that evokes images of the sea and a brilliant flow of energy."

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